Con Dao 2 Days Tour




Guests present at the airport to check in for a flight to Con Dao.

Arrive at Con Dao, car and tour guide and take guests to resort or hotel. Along the way visitors will hear tourists explanation when passing such landmarks Co Ong village, monument Lo Voi, Voi nose ...

Reach Con Dao town, have lunch and check-in procedures.


You will visit Con Dao Museum: started constructing in 12/2009. This is a major cultural project to celebrate 20 years of establishment of the province (1991-2010) and towards the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi. Hanoi spent nearly 40 billion funding for this project. Visit Temple Mount One - The only temple in the island. Visit Ben Dam Port - the largest port and the main economic center of the road visiting dao.

On the way enjoy sightseeing and souvenir photograph at Bai Nhat. Appreciate the beauty of the White Rock Beach, Cape Shark. Visit the memorial the largest prison escape in the history of island. Enjoy the sunset down gradually on top of peak Love.

Back to Con Dao town, dinner at a restaurant.


Enjoy your free time exploring at night.



Have breakfast at the restaurant.

Car and tour guide take you to visit the historic clusters at town center with.

Island Princess Palace: Listen to Con Dao overs overall past and present. See the original objects are on display here.

Visit Phu Hai camp: the oldest prison built by the French colonists, known for grinding rice basements, and the solitary confinement area, Kunlun stone dam, where the patriotic press Graduate Phan Chu Trinh been detained ...

Visit French tiger cages: also known as Phu Wall camp, is the center of Con Dao prison system solidly built hidden among buildings like labyrinths. See and hear description on the physical torture of prisoners.

Visit American tiger cages: also known as Phu Binh camp with small suites and damp prison was built in 1971. It mainly contained prisoners tortured mentally and first place to get information on Saigon Liberation .

Vist Hang Duong Cemetery - the largest cemetery in Con Dao, where tens of thousands of soldiers buried revolutionaries and patriots Vietnam through generations prison (from 1862 to 1975). Here you can visit the graves of famous revolutionaries of Vietnam like Le Hong Phong, Nguyen An Ninh, Le Van Vietnam ..., especially the graves of heroine Vo Thi Sau, whom islanders  call Miss Six respectedly by many anecdotes of her epiphany.

Visit Cow Shed separate zones: Used to cattle over the French and Americans era. It used to torture prisoners by dipping into the manure pit.

Visit Ms. Phi Yen Temple (Anshan Temple), worshipping Ms. Phi Yen - concubine of Lord Nguyen Anh - associated with the famous folk song "Wind put cabbage to heaven, cilantro stay bear bitter words." On the way you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of Lake Hai.

You can choose from the following programs instead tour the historic place: Visiting shrines and bathing beach Dam Trau.

Back to the hotel. Check-out procedures and lunch.


Car to airport for flight . Ending the program



Vehicles: AC transportation throughout the program in Con Dao.

Hotel / resort: standard (1 night)

Meal: According to the program

Guides: Enthusiastic, caring, follow during the tour.

Entrance fees: According to the program


Serves: 2 towels + 2 Aquafina water bottle 0.5 l / person / day


Airfare TP. HCM / Tho - Con Dao two-round. Please refer in Con Dao Excursions to get the best airfares to each particular moment.


Price in a single room. Other personal expenses: telephone, laundry, drinks outside the program ...

Tipping the trip for waiters, tour guides and drivers